Well it's a long story...

Tim Dunn's stepdad always made everybody shut up when Hee Haw was on. That's how it all started.

Some years later, Tim Dunn had just been released from a county jail in Louisiana ("I didn't do anything!", he claims), and was hitchhiking just out side of Lafayette, when he was picked up by a scruffy, bearded Tim Moore, who was travelling West on I-10 with little more than his harmonicas and half a pinner. The conversation naturally turned toward music.

They stopped in Vegas so Tim Dunn could have a romantic tattoo (whose content was no longer relevant) covered up. The tattoo artist, Alan Echison, was a quiet fellow from Baltimore who told Tim that he was also a drummer. After the new tattoo was complete (a full-back protrait of Minnie Pearl), Alan's firm hand with the tat gun had earned him his nickname, The Hammer, and the three wandered North and West, vaguely toward Tim Dunn's home town of Bellingham. He figured no one there would STILL be pissed....

They were broke down in Twin Falls, Idaho, during a Nascar mullett-fest of some kind, where they met Ed Hodge, who was working security at the wet T-shirt contest. Once the misunderstanding about Tim Dunn's "simple hello" to the contestants was ironed out, they shared a beer at a local bar, where Ed told the others that he had a gig there playing bass that night, and that he would put them on the guest list. Tim Dunn claims that he was in no way involved in the huge brawl that broke out halfway though the second set, but it turns out that somehow Ed ended up in the car with them. As they barrelled west toward Boise on I-84, Ed's cries of, "I LIVE there!", went unheeded by Tim Dunn at the wheel, who replied only, "Not anymore."

The four somehow found themselves in Seattle, and started looking for gigs. While playing at a waterfront dive, Tim Dunn stepped on Ray Taylor's foot at the bar. Ray, the black sheep of the famous guitar-making family, had recently renounced his eight figure inheritance ("I want to play guitars, not make them!"), and was hungry for work. Ray sat in that night, and the people cheered. Both of them.

Since then, the Sourmash Stevedores have played pubs, bars, nursing homes, park festivals, The Seattle Fisherman's Memorial, Elk's Club lounges, shotgun weddings and children's birthday parties around the Seattle area, and beyond.

Tim Dunn:
Vocals and acoustic guitar
Al "the Hammer" Echison: Drums, percussion and backing vocals
Ed Hodge: Bass and backing vocals
Tim Moore: Harmonica and backing vocals
Ray "Tinker" Taylor: Electric guitar and backing vocals


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